Hello~ I am the beautiful Grell Sutcliff! Oh, but you probably knew that already. I'm here to answer all your questions, no matter how personal~ Please feel free to ask me absolutely anything~ And if you're handsome enough, I'll ask you to stay a while.

"Mun is being a bitch lately and won’t let me out to play.


(Well maybe if you’d stop giving me headaches I wouldn’t be so cross with you.)




If that is truly your intention then you will not be banished. Instead you will be executed. The choice is yours.

"E…executed…"  Her words were quieter, and her chest heaved with each breath.  "This… this can’t be happening… please tell me it’s not happening please…  This can’t be real…"

Spears fought against this, but in the end he lost and there is nothing he can do. You are to be banished; your Death Scythe has already been confiscated. You are to be allowed two days to gather any things you wish to bring before you must leave the realm for good. Your glasses are to be confiscated and replaced with a trainee pair that fit your prescription.

"My glasses?  No, you can’t have them; they’re MINE!  I EARNED THEM!"  Her head was spinning; this couldn’t be real!  It couldn’t be happening!  "Are you serious about this?  I’ll reap you!  I’ll reap you and everyone else and I’ll kill all those damn humans you want to go send me to live with!  All of them!"

Grell Sutcliff it is my duty to inform you that due to your involvement in the Jack the Ripper incident, as well as your consorting with demons and various other all too common instances of severe rule breaking, you are being released from not only the London Dispatch, but also the Reaper's Realm. In other words, you are banished.

"…I’m what?  You can’t be serious; do you know who I am?  I am Grell Sutcliff and I am the most valuable Reaper in the London Division.  You can’t DO that to me!  William won’t stand for it; he knows how valuable I am!  You bastard I’ll rip you to pieces!"

"Something I’ve noticed is that when Ronald’s shoe comes untied and he trips, everyone laughs a bit but it’s nothing special.  But that one time William tripped over the leg of a desk everyone had to hold in how much they wanted to laugh, and then didn’t bother after so long and the entire office was just ringing with laughter."

"I mean I suppose it makes sense, but it’s still a bit funny."