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How dare he act so casual about this? This was William’s way of telling him just how he felt, for him it had been apparent why he had said those things. Because deep down he still cared for him, maybe even loved him. But all those feelings disappeared under the anger he felt towards the selfish redhead. “It is how I feel; I am not one like you finding pleasure in sleeping with anything that comes into my way. I would settle for just one person.” This was dangerously close to telling him too much so to hide his error he snatched the useless nail polish from Grell and threw it at the wall. “And do not dare to waste more of your time here. Do your work or go back to your…entertainment. But I have no doubt you will be able to find someone in the close vicinity, acting the way you do.” Why couldn’t Grell just be like he had been? Looking only at him, making him feel he only loved him? It was ridiculous, it was years ago and there was no going back to that.

Teeth clenched and Grell struggled to keep her body from shaking in rage and humiliation.  Was this truly what Will thought of her?  Was this honestly his opinion of her, so low and vile?  I’m not a slut, she thought to herself.  I’m not.  It’s just Undertaker… just him… I’m not a slut.  She took a breath and didn’t even bother looking up at Will again until she saw her nailpolish taken from her desk.  She watched as it was thrown against the wall, bottle shattering into hundreds of tiny, glass shards, red paint splattering onto the wall, dripping slowly down as if it were blood.

All Grell could do was blink.  Stare, and blink.  She looked from the new red spot on the wall, to her supervisor, and back to the wall.  Without a word, the redhead stood and began walking, not even glancing to look at the dark haired man as she passed.  She simply walked.  Out of the room.  Out of the office.  Out of the building.  Onto the streets of London, and on her way home.

Fine, if you don’t want me here, I’ll just leave.  I can tell when I’m not wanted, Will.  I can tell.  She swallowed, holding back tears.  So I’ll just leave… please… please come after me…

But she knew he wouldn’t.

And Grell did, he walked away back to that man he had been with. The one that would always be better than William, it made him want to reap something but it would do no good. He had to control his temper, letting feeling into the job was not allowed and it would make him work less efficient. William felt a urge to hit his head against the wall but instead he took the redhead’s papers and followed him. A foolish thing to do he knew but the other needed to complete his job. That was the only reason. For once he was grateful got Grell’s fiery hair colour, it made it easy to see where he was. Going back to his entertainment no doubt, well he would give him his papers and let him be on his way, the overtime would be waiting for him. His mind was screaming at him to go back and ignore the man but he found himself walking up to him anyway. “You seem to have forgotten your work Grell Sutcliff.  If you are to run away and act like a child at least take them with you.” His eyes left the redhead and he adjusted his glasses, he was his superior and he had acted out of line. “I apologize for my behaviour, it was not professional and you will get compensation for your destroyed item.” William paused and sighed. “I would rather not know when you have been away to one of your meetings. I prefer to remember things the way they were.” And with that he nodded to the redhead and turned back towards the office building.

Grell’s fists were clenched in anger and she could barely hold back her tears.  She wouldn’t give the world the satisfaction of seeing her cry.  No.  She’d put on a brave face and face what came at her.  She’d be strong.  She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her, and didn’t even know Will was there until he caught up to her and handed her a small stack of papers.  Not a word came from her mouth.  She just looked at him, expression not exactly neutral but not giving away anything either.  The papers were given, and she took them, looking down at the writing and listening to Will.  His voice was quieter, softer, less angry.

“It’s… alright,” she said when he mentioned the destroyed nailpolish.  ”I think the wall looks better like that, and anyway, I can get a new bottle.  No need to trouble yourself.” That office had needed something, a little bit of red to spruce it up.  She had planned on leaving the paint there to dry, anyway.

As Will began to walk away, Grell contemplated.  Should she continue home?  Go back?  She wasn’t sure.  As the supervisor became further and further away from her, she sighed, looked at the papers, and slowly started back to work.  Get this done first, then go home.  Yes, that’s what she’d do.  As she walked, listening to the soft click of her heals, something of a small smile made its way onto her face.  He had spoken softly, like he use to, and said he’d rather remember things as they were.  Did that mean that her hope wasn’t in vain, after all?  Even with that, it seemed there was no hope, but still, this was something… something to hold on to.

William continued to walk and made plans to have that splash of red on Grell’s wall removed as soon as possible. It didn’t look professional to have nail polish on the wall after all. He doubted Grell had understood the meaning of his last words. He had said he preferred the way things had been, when the redhead had loved him. Or at least he thought he had loved him. his actions after that made it hard to know for sure. He could heard the sound of those heels behind him, he waited to hear them disappear in the distance as Grell walked back to his….lover but instead they remained at the same volume. It took all his effort not to look back but it appeared Grell was following him….why? Without thinking his own steps became slower as if he was waiting for the other to catch up with him. for once allowing the redhead to walk beside him if he wanted to do so.

Grell’s gaze was kept down on the pavement and the papers in her hands as she walked, not noticing Will’s steps had slowed since they began walking.  It wasn’t until she saw the pair of feet next to hers, and heard the steps that she noticed.  She didn’t look up, though, but let her hair hang on the sides of her head and hide the small smile that traced along her lips for a few seconds before vanishing.  Walking next to Will held memories, old ones, one of them walking home from work, fingers intertwined, Grell all smiles and giggles, and Will at least somewhat calm.  

Her gloved fingers tightened on the stack of papers in her hands, remembering the feel of those long gone moments.  Hold my hand, like you use to…  But he wouldn’t.  He hadn’t in a long time, and Grell knew he wouldn’t again.  So, she settled for walking next to him, in silence, until they once again reached the office, and Grell dutifully went back to her office to do the work.  However, she stopped for a moment to admire the lovely red paint now splattered on the wall.