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William watched Grell go, it was odd that he didn’t answer him at all but he let it go. After their argument earlier perhaps he just wanted to go home and forget about it, William certainly would. Even if he had meant all of what he had said it brought up emotions he had repressed for years and they were better forgotten. At least as long as Grell acted the way he did. So he looked over the work that had been handed to him, waiting for the redhead to leave and then stood up. Without much effort he went home and prepared a small meal which he ate in silence, like he always did. After making the dishes without fault he sat down to read a book and listen to some quiet music. It helped him calm his nerves. He found his thoughts went to Grell from time to time but it was nothing new. Usually it would be with annoyance and irritation but now with almost a sense of loss. How strange. Shaking his head he placed the book neatly on the table and went to brush his teeth. Sleep would do him good.

Grell examined the cuts and bruises now scattered along her back, torso and arms.  The smaller ones would go away pretty quick, probably by the morning, but the one on her arm from scraping it against her scythe would take a while.  It wasn’t dangerous, but it did sting a bit.  Either way, the redhead took a hot bath, ate a bit, then sat up in bed, reading a bit.  She realized that the bath had not cleared her of Sebastian’s scent; the scent of a demon.  Even being around one filled them with the scent, and it was hard to get rid of.  Grell found it intoxicating, like forbidden fruit.  Will, however, Grell knew, would get one whiff of the scent in the morning and scowl, as he always did.

Will you be jealous?  she wondered  Will you wonder why you can smell him on me?  Will you tell me?  Will you yell at me for fraternizing with a demon?  She hoped he would.  However, she had been hoping a lot lately, and it hadn’t much worked.  Sighing, the closed the book and set it beside the bed, glasses neatly placed on top of it.  Perhaps another visit to Undertaker tomorrow afternoon…

He went to sleep and lay in his bed staring at the ceiling. After some uneventful hours filled with thought on the past and what could have been William eventually fell asleep. He woke when the alarm sounded and stood up, the sleep had done nothing for him and he felt more exhausted then when he had closed his eyes. Eating his breakfast alone he prepared for work and at preciously the right time closed his door and walked the short distance to the building. There wasn’t anyone there when he arrived but he wasn’t surprised, there usually never was. So he simply put the death lists on the correct desks and went to check up on the productivity from the day before.

Grell awoke the next morning, only to find that the scent of Sebastian from the previous night had not worn off.  It was a scent that was hard to describe; sickeningly tempting, in Grell’s words.  She simply loved it, but knew Will would be angry if she walked into work smelling as if she had spent the night with a demon.  Then again, it wasn’t a bother to her, so she saw no reason to bother with it.  Perhaps, even, he would think it was Sebastian she was sneaking off to see every evening.  The thought made her giggle.  She rose, dressed in her normal work attire, brushed her hair and teeth, put on her makeup, ate a small breakfast, mulling over just how lonely an apartment was when one was on their own.  Only barely glancing at the clock before she left, she made the walk to work.  It was the routine she had every day, and it was becoming unconditionally boring.

Arriving at work, Grell immediately made her way to her office, finding a fresh stack of paperwork there.  Again, though, no field assignments.  She hadn’t gotten one in weeks, and was fearing she’d soon die of boredom, only getting to do reports and other boring things.